kirchheimKirchheim is located in the Knüll mountains in central Germany; close to Kurhessische Bergland and Waldhessen. With a wide variety from culture and history to ancient forests, sports, golf courses, amusement parks, and gastronomy.
The region, Rotkäppchenland, features the fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers.
The medieval towns in the area such as Fulda, Kassel Rotenburg have many beautiful half-timbered houses.


fuldaBaroque city with beautiful buildings such as the cathedral and city palaces. The historic center has many shops and boutiques, wine bars and restaurants.
The Frauenberg estate is located near the monastery where the monks planted the first vines. "Weinhistorische Konvent Fulda" organizes wine tastings and exhibitions on a regular base.
Fasanerie is considered to be the most beautiful baroque palace of Hessen and only 5 miles away.

Bad Hersfeld

bad hersfeldHas a nice center with many shops, restaurants and pubs. The Lullus festival, the oldest folk festival in Germany, is a tribute to Archbishop Lullus, disciple of Boniface and founder of Hersfeld.


fritzlarThis town is surrounded by an almost perfectly preserved city wall. This wall and the 450 half-timbered houses contribute to the medieval character. Make sure you visit the market square with the Alte Kaufhaus from the 15th century, the market fountain and St. Petri Cathedral.


kasselFamous fairy tale city with the Brothers Grimm Museum, the Sababurg from the late 15th century in Hofgeismar: best known as fairy tale castle of Sleeping Beauty.
Also Wilhelmshöhe park, built between 1696 and 1850, is worth a visit. The symbols of the city, the Hercules statue and it’s fountains and cascades can be admired there.


alsfeldA medieval town with a late-Gothic town hall, a market square with nice terraces and shopping area. The Alsfelder Märchenhaus will show you the world of myths, legends and fairy tales and Puppenstube with a wide collection of dolls and doll houses.
Niederaula is located on a high rock, on your way to this city you will discover the huge ruins of Burg Herzberg. The castle was built in the 13th century to control the old trade routes.

Nature reserves

MoorErlenwaldYou will find many nature reserves in the area. Worth mentioning is Schweinsberger Moor in Stadtallendorf, one of the few unspoiled landscapes in Central Europe. It was formed 10,000 years ago after the last ice age.

Potash mine in Merkers

kalimijn1kalimijn2In Erlebnis Bergwerk in Merkers a big truck will take you through the tunnels at a depth of 800 meters. It is possible to attend educational and exciting excursions, as well as underground concerts! Here you can visualize what it's like to be a miner, miners will be present to show you around.
The "Goldraum" is open to the public. During the Second World War gold, money, and paintings from Berlin museums were safely kept in here. The highlight of the tour is a visit to the salt crystal cave, which was discovered in 1980.

Point Alfa in Geisa

point alfaPoint Alfa was the American observatory at the former border with East Germany. At present times it is a memorial. The restored observatory has been redecorated and now serves as a visitor center and museum. You can see how East and West faced each other in the Sperrgebiet, the threats of another world war and experience life of the East Germans under the GDR regime.

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